AHC as specialized artificial football turf contractor offers Ligaturf Ultimate 260 Coolplus and Ligaturf Ultimate 240 COOLplus which have strong product features that not only benefits the athletes but also the environment. Malaysian weather can be too hot sometimes. The COOLplus technology does not absorb infrared rays which may cause the yarn to become hot and cause uneasy feeling during the game. Polytan’s research and development team of chemists working with sport specialists to ensure the surface installed is up to the standard and made using eco-friendly materials such as recycled rubber and non-toxic fumes released from the production. It also has Bicolour technology which maintain the fresh and green look of the grass even on scorching hot weather. To be precise, this product is made for ultimate kick. The 250 micrometer monofilament turf fiber shows how it can gives ultimate comfort to the players. This artificial football turf product does not only offer longer playing time but also very easy and quick to install. Ligaturf Ultimate COOLplus can stand for longer playing time up to 60 hours per week as it ‘Entanglement Technology’ resulting to softer surface and greater protection against splicing.

AHC has experienced in artificial football turf installation for more than a decade. We’ve travelled all around Malaysia to deliver our expertise. AHC then slowly took one step higher by providing a platform for our client to have field inspection services for FIFA certification. Other than that, Ligaturf Legend is also certified and preferred by Association of International Football Federation (FIFA), International Rugby Board, Australian Football League (AFL) and Rugby Football League (RFL). The inspection is done according to ISO 9001 standard. Some of the artificial football turf that has been certified by FIFA is SMK Kadok, Kelantan and Stadium MPAJ Mukim Ampang.

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