Our most popular, cost effective athletics surface for running track installation is Spurtan BV. Spurtan BV’s polyurethane/rubber tracks offer versatile solutions for athletic track installations and other sport and leisure applications. This two-layer system features a base layer consisting of black mat in SBR rubber granules bound on polyurethane and a surface layer of colored EPDM granules cast into a polyurethane flood coat. It is an IAAF approved and certified sandwich system.

Spurtan BV ‘sandwich system’ running track is ideal for all levels of competitive running and athletic stadiums. Due to its quick to install surface, this system is cost-effective. All weather system suitable for jumps and run-up facilities. Easy to maintain and repair whereby the major advantage of Spurtan BV is the ability to rejuvenate the surface by recoating with a 3-4mm coating of polyurethane that is broadcast with EPDM granules.

For synthetic track installation, AHC uses the following 3 brands from STI

Rekortan ®

A full PU track surfacing system

Spurtan ® BV

A PU/rubber track sandwich system

Spurtan ® BS

A spray coat of PU track surface sandwich system


Spurtan BV