Our Tennis turf court offers the following features for players to deliver their best skill and yet enjoy the game to the maximum.

  1. Playing on fiber instead of sand
  2. Unrivalled sure footing
  3. Excellent and consistent ball bounce.
  4. Excellent surface speed with no distinct advantage for net or baseline players.
  5. Consistency and predictable ball bounce.
  6. Excellent natural appearance with low surface glare.
  7. Court easy to clean and maintain.

Our turf product of Omnicourt ProCourt is an ITF-classified, high end synthetic grass tennis court system. ProCourt has been a best seller for the past 15 years. It remains as a popular option for thousands of courts across Asia Pacific. The key benefits for ProCourt is the ITF paced rated medium fast. It is suitable for high end residential and clubs. The grass court is aesthetically more of “grass” appearance and is high response to spin.

Artificial Tennis