AHC providing quality solutions for running track installation since 1989. Today AHC is the market leader in the nation for synthetic running track. Till 2018, AHC had proudly constructed 53 numbers of running track nationwide.

Backed by our years of experience and commitment in providing only the best in term of quality and service, AHC is focused on research and development as well as keeping ourselves update with the latest technology used by our internationally renowned suppliers. We are known for our highest quality construction solutions which meet high standards and comply with building regulations to provide our clients with unlimited possibilities for their designs.

We believe in being involved from start to the end of the project, from the conceptual design possibilities and eventual maintenance of the system. Our client can count on our experienced team to provide support throughout the whole process, from design to maintenance plans, backed by the necessarily capabilities and resources.

There are three types of products being used for installation of running track.

Rekortan ®

A full PU track surfacing system

Spurtan ® BV

A PU/rubber track sandwich system

Spurtan ® BS

A spray coat of PU track surface sandwich system