Playing hockey need double of the focus as you are handling the hockey stick while conquering the ball. Players don’t have time to be bothered by other factors but a good artificial hockey turf will definitely give them different spirit and satisfaction during the game. Players normally need a very smooth surface for clean ball pass.

Active Hydro Control (AHC) chooses the best product from Polytan GmbH for hockey field making us one of the best artificial hockey turf contractor. Poligrass Platinum COOLplus is the leading product for hockey turf in Polytan product range. It is made to perfection as it emphasizes precision, speed and safety. It is tested to Olympic standards meaning your athletes can have the same experience as the world class player. Artificial hockey turf should be smooth and slightly wet for quick and precise play as the hockey balls is smaller compared to football and it need clean ball run.

According to Polytan, compared to artificial football turf, the grass-blades of hockey-specific artificial turf systems are only 11-14mm long. AHC is very keen to the product features. The exclusive Polytan COOLplus functions help turf to absorb heat on scorching hot weather and maintain the humidity of the artificial hockey turf. The ‘Entanglement Technology’ make it more durable which resulting to longer playing time up to 50 hours a week. The Poligrass Platinum CP surface is born to optimize the experience during hockey games with its water-permeable surface, which allow the water to pass through, thus, maintain the humidity and prevent water stagnant. As an artificial hockey turf contractor, we are proud with how Polytan make use of recycled rubber materials during the product creation and construction.

AHC as professional artificial hockey turf installer only offer products that are suitable for both daily and professional use. Not only considering your budget and environmental friendly, we also make sure the production of our materials is up to the standard. Poligrass Platinum COOLplus is preferred and certified by International Hockey Federation (FIH) Global for its quality and specifications. The final inspection and testing are done according to ISO 9001 certification.

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