If you are looking for budget solution for running track installation, our Spurtan BS is the ideal option for you. Spurtan BS is a highly water permeable system. It features two layers of spray coat polyurethane track surface. The base layer is a black mat of SBR rubber granules bound on polyurethane while the surface layer is polyurethane and colored EPDM granules applied by spray to provide structural top coat.

The Spurtan BS system is an IAAF certified, comes with 2 layers system consisting of structural spray surface with a SBR and binder base mat. This synthetic surface ultimately achieves a specific level of shock absorption and provides extremely good conditions for all sporting discipline, but also for use as a soft impact surface in playground. This system has excellent force reduction and is ideal for multisport.

For synthetic track installation, AHC uses the following 3 brands from STI

Rekortan ®

A full PU track surfacing system

Spurtan ® BV

A PU/rubber track sandwich system

Spurtan ® BS

A spray coat of PU track surface sandwich system


Spurtan BS