AHC uses STI’s Supergrasse ProMaster for synthetic lawnbowl turf installation. Supergrasse ProMaster has the reputation of the finest synthetic bowling green system in the market. This system has gained more than 150 cubs worldwide using it simply because it bowls brilliantly, it looks sensational and above all it is the best. With the extensive research and development, rigid installation procedures and the attention to detail of Supergrasse ProMaster, it has led to a warranty claim-free history and the continuing acceptance of synthetic green world-wide.

Our synthetic lawnbowl turf is the state-or-art Supergrasse ProMaster Super system that is fully accredited as a World Bowl approved surface. Supergrasse ProMaster system was designed based on direct input from champions to provide consistent draw, rapid drainage and elegant appearance.

A specialized yarn with the exclusive manufacturing to be UV-resistant, non-glare non-directional yarn in accordance to proprietary specification. Due to this, Supergrasse Promaster is the ultimate choice in synthetic bowling surface.

Artificial Lawnbowl