If you are looking for elite athletic system for running track installation, our Rekortan M99 is the best choice for you. Rekortan M99 surfacing system is a multi-layer in-situ full pour polyurethane track surfacing system featuring an impermeable self-leveling base coat, unique polyurethane micro foam force reduction central layer, and a top flood coat of polyurethane embedded with UV resistant EPDM rubber granule to resist demanding weather.

With its structured surface, Rekortan M99 is ideal for major athletic stadiums due to high performance whilst the robust design also ensures a particularly long lifespan. This elite full pour system is designed with unique central foaming layer that increases force reduction. Top layer poured-in place installation to produce a seamless track surface and the embedded surface ensures excellent all- weather performance and spike resistance.

For synthetic track installation, AHC uses the following 3 brands from STI

Rekortan ®

A full PU track surfacing system

Spurtan ® BV

A PU/rubber track sandwich system

Spurtan ® BS

A spray coat of PU track surface sandwich system